Scientek "NEW" Cabinet Warmer SWC-015

Warming Cabinets provide a constant preset temperature within each chamber for surgical solutions, blankets and other clinical items.

·         High quality stainless steel construction inside and out

·         Individual temperature control per cabinet (°F or °C)

·         Full access within cabinet load space

·         Fan forced hot air convection over electric heating element

·         Fully insulated cabinet walls and doors

·         Simple construction for ease of operation and maintenance

·         LED (Light Emitting Diode) temperature display and set point

·         Full perimeter silicon gasketed doors

·         Positive door closure with mechanical latches

·         Automatic high limit temperature cutout and reset


Scientek warming cabinets are designed to be used in hospital and research laboratories for warming blankets and solutions. The temperature in the cabinet is controlled in the range 90°F -160°F

The unit is made of following major components: cabinet, door, electric heater and fan assembly, control module and wiring.

Cabinet Construction

Formed stainless steel, double wall, insulated. The cabinet can be mounted on a seismic base for floor mounting, or fitted with adjustable rubber feet for counter top mounting, or mounted on another cabinet using mounting hardware.

Door Assembly

The cabinet door assembly consists of a door panel, hinges, latches and the seal. It can be either solid stainless steel door or glass door. The stainless steel door is insulated double wall and the glass door is made of a stainless steel frame with tempered glass insert. The door can be mounted on either left or right hand side

Electric Heater and Fan Assembly

The heater and fan assembly provide the hot air and circulate the air inside the chamber. The heater, fan, high temperature switch and K-type thermo probe are mounted inside the formed stainless steel channel, perforated to allow appropriate air circulation. The high temperature switch is provided to disconnect the heater in a case of the temperature raise over the limit. The temperature probe is provided to feed the signal to temperature control unit.

Control Module

The control module consists of the illuminated OFF/ON switch, temperature control unit, control relay and alarm buzzer.  Appropriate temperature control unit and a control relay are (electro-mechanical or solid state) are used to maintain the temperature inside the cabinet at the set point.  The alarm buzzer is turned on by the temperature control unit to notify of a temperature deviation inside the cabinet beyond specified alarm limits.


The wiring includes power supply cord with the plug and internal wiring connecting electrical components. The wiring is suitable for current load and the temperature range.

Chamber Size 25.5”W x 17.5”D x 15.5”H
Chamber Volume 4 ft3

Cabinet Warmer SWC-015

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