All PRIMUS pressure vessels are constructed of solid stainless steel.  The brilliant Pri-Mirror® reflective chamber finish sets the highest standard for cleanliness and offers easy spill clean-up. This finish provides resistance to staining and degradation. All PRIMUS pressure vessels are rectangular in shape, eliminating wasted space and jacketed to ensure even heating during each cycle.  All models include Vacuum, Gravity, Liquids, and Test/Vac cycles.

A PSS500 microcomputer will offer a selection of eight programs, set by the user, for the sterilization of a wide range of products. PRIMUS’ sliding door design reduces the high service cost associated with conventional hinged arm doors and provides an added margin of operator safety. PRIMUS vertically operating doors operate with minimal hand pressure. Sterilizer pressure vessels manufactured by PRIMUS are warranted against effects in workmanship and materials for fifteen years.



Pri-Mirror® Chamber Finish

Single Sliding Door

Manual Door Operation

Recessed in Wall

Lower Extendable Chamber Shelve

House Steam Connection

Tempered 140F Drain Water with Conservation Quench

Chamber Size 16" x 16" x 26" (406.4mm x 406.4mm x 660.4mm"
Chamber Volume 3.9 cu ft (.11m3)
# of Cycles 8, Programmable for Liquids, Gravity, Vacuum, Vacuum Test Cycle
Printer Type Thermal - Impact Printer Optional
User Interface Membrane Touch Pad

Primus Steam Sterilizer AA Size 16 x 16 x 26 Chamber

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