About Us

Innovation is the driving spirit behind providing the best possible healthcare to patients. This practice has also led DH Biomedical to being an industry leader in providing our services to top healthcare facilities. We currently service Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Specialty Practices, Rehabilitation Facilities, and Nursing Homes with essential services pertaining to all biomedical equipment. We offer the highest level of commitment to our customers offering same day on-site service if requested from a team of highly skilled biomedical technicians. Our company has been servicing healthcare facilities for over 35 years serving hospitals and surgery centers. Those same facilities still look to our commitment of excellence as well as several medical manufacturers that have contracted DH Biomedical to handle the service and repair of their equipment.

The importance of patient safety is our first priority. We comply with equipment maintenance requirements of AHCA, JCAHO, AAAHC, and others by using the leading test equipment and records management software. Our test data is backed by calibrated equipment compliant to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Computer generated reports are clear and concise on the performance of your medical equipment.

Our Sales staff has knowledge and resources to equip a complete turn key facility. Equipment we refurbish comes with a 1 year warranty with substantial savings over new equipment. We also take equipment on trade to help lower the cost of your acquisition or purchase used equipment from your facility directly.

Professional service at affordable prices, field service Biomedical Technicians that come to your facility to repair about any equipment you have. Equipment can be fixed on site or loaner equipment provided free of charge during the repair process at our facility. We also refurbish your existing equipment like surgery tables, exam chairs, and sterilizers.